Media poetics
and culture research

I’m a media artist and scholar of semiotics and behaviour, working across research and creative industries in London, UK.

My work as a social scientist runs parallel to what I produce as a media artist, as both practices inform one another in a symbiotic loop.

socio-cultural research

My research has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as New Media and Society, Routledge encyclopedias and anthologies, and top culture and business publications. As part on my ongoing research, I write a weekly column for on cultural insights and human behaviour.
I studied for my PhD in media poetics and semiotics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and completed my post-doctoral fellowship in organisational behaviour at the University of Leeds in the UK. My research as a social scientist centres on constructions of power and identity in technology, and the semiotics of fine art and popular culture.

media & studio arts

My practice straddles the boundaries between poetics and media, manifesting in artist books, films, performances, and zine-making.  As my primary practice, my work emerges from a preoccupation with text and book-making.

I'm the the author of numerous artist books and my art has been featured/ published/ exhibited in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, New York, Vienna, and London.

In 2017 I co-founded the London-based multidisciplinary studio project Very Tender in Hackney, where I work as a media artist. I’m the former Director of the Steel Bananas Art Collective in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada (2008-2018), where I was an art publisher and multidisciplinary artist.

recently seen in... well as The Guardian, The Telegraph, Digiday, BBC3, and more. :)

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